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Partial artworks here are collaborations between me and artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to explore various thought-provoking themes: 
1. AI's role in creating paintings with humanistic themes:
While AI is commonly associated with commercial applications, its potential to express humanistic themes in artwork remains largely untapped. To address this, I have embarked on a journey of creating a series of AI paintings.  For example, some capture the experiences of patients, doctors, nurses, and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. These AI-generated paintings are produced under the guidance and training of the artist, featuring clever compositions, harmonious color schemes, and accurate character depictions. 
2. Exploring the emotional capabilities of artificial intelligence:
Artists often infuse their work with their own emotions and experiences, which AI lacks. Consequently, the paintings created by AI may appear aloof and devoid of emotional depth. This raises the question of whether AI can acquire emotions through learning and experience. The exploration of AI's emotional capabilities brings forth intriguing inquiries at the intersection of art and technology. Through these paintings, we showcase the distinctive creative possibilities that emerge when humans collaborate with artificial intelligence, while also acknowledging the limitations and challenges of imbuing machines with human-like qualities.
3. The process of artists collaborating with AI:
In order to truly integrate with AI, I have established an intimate dialogue between myself and the AI system. It is akin to sharing my thoughts with a trusted coworker, nurturing a relationship based on affection and understanding. Ultimately enabling us to achieve our artistic goals together. 

James Su


Virtual Exhibition Scene

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