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Order My Art Works


All the artworks are digital. 

If you are interested in my artwork. You can get a high-resolution printed hard copy.
You can select which art you like to download the pictures and email them to me.
You can select a printershop yourself.  You can determine the size and materials you like.  You pay all the printing and shipping costs (most shops have free shipping).   I can arrange a high-resolution printed hard copy and send it to you.  The materials can be Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Framed, or without a frame. Size should be less than 3 x 4 feet.
For each artwork, I will charge $500 for copyrights and handling fees.
For example, a 24"x36" metal print costs $220, so your total cost is $ 720.

Please email me at

Here is a typical print shop.

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